27 mars 2012

I hate Tokyo

Strong words for strong feelings...

Another example of Tokyoites bad behavior.

I get off the subway with my kids, 4 and 6, and the little one runs to the elevator.

There are 3 people waiting, but he gets in the front. I say nothing, he's only 4, the other people are adults... or so I thought...

The doors open. One of the men, around 60, pushes him so that he enters faster !!...

And he pushes him again once inside, I can't believe my eyes !...

I enter and tell him not to push a kid. He gets angry and starts yelling at me saying my kids don't behave. I yell event louder and tell him his behavior is even worse since he is an adult and should be able to control himself, he comes to me and tries to push ME !! I'm 3 months pregnant !

The woman tells him to calm down, the other man says that I should shut up !!

The 1st one says he wants to call the police.

The doors open, everybody gets out, all this happened not even in one minute, just the time for the elevator to climb 2 floors.

What kind of a human being can push twice a 4 year old and a pregnant woman ???


It's not the 1st time this kind of things happen, unfortunately.

On the very 1st day when we came from Kobe, I quarelled with a guy (same age ?) in the train because he thought we had nothing to do here with a stroller (in which baby was asleep) and a big suitcase.

Another day, I got attacked by another guy (same age ?) at the supermarket, he said he couldn't make his way through the alley because of my stroller, although there was of course enough room for him to.

Since the, I have been avoiding trains and subways before 10 and after 5 (which is very convenient when you know that the city is so big that it takes one hour to go from anywhere to anywhere...)

I'm especially careful with my kids, so that there are not too noisy or anything.

In spite of all this, there are happenings like this every month, although there were none in Kobe or Kyoto.


Afterwards, I always think, I should have said this or done that, but it always comes unexpectedly and doesn't last long...


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Commentaires sur I hate Tokyo

  • Courage!

    c'est triste de voir un tel comportement...
    Tokyo a l'air comme Paris et Kobé comme une ville de province française ou les gens prennent plus le temps et sont moins stessés.
    comptez vous retournez vivre a Kobé un jour?
    @ bientot et bon courage!

    Posté par Rhinestones, 07 mai 2012 à 00:34 | | Répondre
  • C'est vraiment honteux comme comportement, je suis choquée de lire ça.

    Posté par Eva, 22 octobre 2012 à 23:17 | | Répondre
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